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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

'I couldn't recommend Topaz Nails more highly. Claire is very professional and friendly and she made a beautiful job of transforming my tired, shabby nails for a friend's wedding. Thanks'

Cheryl Morris

I love creating gorgeous gel nails for my clients. If you have never had gel nails before then I thought I should share a bit about them to give you an idea why you might like to give them a try.

There are lots of different types of gel on the market, different salons will use different products and even different application techniques. You may find that one brand does not suit you, or that a different therapist adds the product in one way that lasts better for you. In general terms there are soak off gels and hard gels. Today I am only talking about soak off gels.

I offer 2 types of soak off gel, Bio Sculpture Gel and Evo2 Gel polish. Both offer long lasting chip free colour for your natural nails. The product is applied in much the same way as regular polish, using a brush to paint onto fully prepared nails. The product is applied in several layers, each being set in a UV light. There are lots of colour options to choose from including flat colours, pearl colours, and glitter. They can also be mixed together to make new colours. You can have a matt finish or a glossy finish, you can also add a little sparkle.

They are great for holidays as they are long lasting, so you do not have to worry about taking a bottle of polish, cotton pads and nail polish remover with you on holiday for sorting out chipped nails. In general on your finger nails they will last about 2-3 weeks. All in all Gel nails are pretty great.

The two products I use are totally different to each other, Evo2 Gel is a traditional Gel Polish, like Shellac or Gelish. They are applied thinly and last about 2-3 weeks. Bio Sculpture Gel is a thicker product, this gives it more strength so perfect for you if you have weaker nails. It is also great for you if you are trying to stop biting your nails and wanting them to grow. Bio Sculpture Gel can also be used to create nail extensions, for increasing the length or changing the shape of your nails.

Find out more about my gel polish treatments Or Bio Sculpture Gel

If you would like to chat about your options please email me at info@topaznailsandbeauty.co.uk

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Claire x

'Really delighted with my manicure and gel polish treatment from Claire. It looked great, lasted brilliantly (despite me working very hard in the two weeks after I had it done). The salon is a lovely, relaxing environment and I would thoroughly recommend Claire and Topaz Nails and Beauty.'

Elaine Pritchard

'Claire did my wedding day nails for me. Absolutely loved them and all of them were still going strong after 3 weeks, lovely design and Claire is always friendly and easy to talk to. Thanks again Claire xx'

Hayley Evans

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