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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

The lips are a very important part of our face and are responsible for the articulation of speech and sound as well as the intake of food and drink. These soft movable areas of our face are comprised of just three to five layers of skin and have no sweat or sebaceous glands making this thin area very delicate with only saliva as it’s source of natural moisture. Blood vessels appear through the skin of the lips and give a much redder colour to those with paler complexions compared to those with darker skin. The lips don't produce melanin, the pigment which gives the skin its colour and is produced by the body as a natural way of protecting itself from ultraviolet light, this means the lips are at a much higher risk of getting sunburned and can develop skin cancer like the rest of the body. When the lips are cared for and healthy they provide a sponge like action, when they are moisturised and hydrated they have a much plumper full appearance but allowed to become dry and dehydrated will result in the lips becoming shrunken, cracked and crinkled; the latter can happen at any time of the year but is more prominent in the winter months. Research has shown that women with fuller lips are perceived to be more enticing to males than those with thinner lips. This trend has resulted in the growing demand of lip plumping products in the consumer market and clients looking for lip enhancing treatments. The Perfect Pout! Lip Treatment is an easy to perform customisable treatment for those with concerns of dryness, dehydrated cracked lips or for those who wish for a softer plumped lip appearance.

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