I am rubbish at painting my nails, what else can I use? Why should I try Jamberry Lacquer Strips?

Jamberry Lacquer Strips

Traditional Nail Polish

We have all tried to paint our nails at home, but often with very little success. They get smudged within minutes, or you go to bed thinking they are dry only to wake up with the imprint of bed sheets on them. You are limited with opportunities for art and designs. Well you might like to give Jamberry Lacquer strips a try.

Jamberry Lacquer Strips

These are a totally amazing product for those of you that cannot where gel, but want nice nails. The Jamberry Lacquer Strips come with everything you need to apply, and enough for at least two sets per pack. More if you work cleverly with the packs.

They are easy to apply, with completely no mess. Only taking 10 minutes or so to apply, although first time might take a bit longer. They are dry so there is no risk of scuffing, and catching on the bed sheets. Lasting from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the individual, and how you look after them.

There are so many colour and design options. Many of which would be difficult to achieve with traditional nail polish. There are glitters, solid colours as well as various patterns and designs. New collections are regularly released too.

They are so easy to remove as well. You do not need any special tools or equipment. Just some cotton pads and nail polish remover. It’s as easy as that. I would recommend some cuticle oil too when they have all been removed. No messing with acetone and wrapping in foil. When removed they your nails looking healthy.

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