How much do Gel Nails cost? A breakdown of options and prices, in the Burton on Trent area.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

How much do Gel nails cost?
How much do Gel nails cost?

Are you looking for answers on how much Gel Nails cost? In this article we discuss the various factors that influence the price of Gel Nails such as...

Everyday people ask me, "How much will Gel nails cost me?" and that is just too broad of a question. It is a little like asking how much a car costs. A Ford isn't going to cost you much .... in comparison to a Maserati which is going to be a touch more expensive.

So in order to get the Gel Nails that you want, you need to answer a few questions first.

Nail extensions - do you need to extend the length of your own nails?

If your nails are short and you want longer nails then you will need to consider Nail Extensions. For the purpose of this article we are just looking at Gel Nails. For extensions there are several options to choose from, but not all nail salons will offer them all. You can get Hard Gel extensions, Soft Gel extensions or ready created Gel extensions (Apres Nails, Quick Tips) These different Gel types will be discussed in a further article. The different gel will suit different people, dependent on job, hobbies etc. Prices for gel nail extensions will vary from around £25 upwards. Quality of products, work and service will vary according to price that you pay.

Long Lasting Colour - Do you just want to have nice coloured nails, that are chip free for 2-3 weeks?

Gel Polish is probably going to be your best option. This is applied in a similar way to traditional polish, in fairly thin coats. The colours can have various finishes, matt, glossy, glitter etc. Nails are completely dry when you leave too, a bonus. Great way to have the perfect manicured look for up to 3 weeks. These are soak off gels, no nail damage from filing.

For a good Gel Polish you will typically pay £20 - £25.

Long Lasting Colour with added strength - Do you need long lasting colour with extra strength?

There are a couple of options here you could go for a Gel Polish with a builder/strength gel. Or perhaps a thicker cream type gel. Both are good options, a skilled nail technician will be able to advise the best gel for your individual nails. Again you can have all of the finishes shown above with these Gel Nails generally lasting 2-4 weeks. For good strengthening Gel Nails you will typically pay £25 - £30.

Once you have decided if you need Gel Nail extensions you will be able to choose the type of Gel your require. A skilled and experienced Nail Technician will be able to offer the best advice, and select the most suitable products for your nails. After deciding on Natural Nails or Extensions I would discuss a clients, work and hobbies, along with current nail conditions. The goal for the future too will be considered when making the final choice. I recommend that you take the advice from your Nail Technician, as we know our products, and want you to achieve the best results possible. It may be that you have to try a couple of options with the same Nail Technician until you find the most suitable product combination.

With all of my new clients we will have a consultation and chat through suitability of the professional products that I use. We would also discuss colours, finishes, glitter and art which can all have an effect on the price. I will also discuss aftercare as well. I offer Nail Extensions from £35, Gel Polish Nails from £23 and Strengthening Gel from £28.

If you are looking to grow your own nails, gel is a great way to protect them while they are growing. I have another blog that might interest you that talks about growing your own nails.

If you would like to discuss the best option for your nails please pop me over a message via my contact form, and we can arrange to have a chat further.

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